Annejole Jacobs – de Jongh | Dutch Mixed Media Artist

Annejole Jacobs - de Jongh

Annejole Jacobs – de Jongh | Dutch Mixed Media Artist

About Jole

After successfully completing no less than 2 studies Jole decided she’d rather be an artist and switched careers. She makes modern pop art portraits of people, things and theme’s. Jole applies mixed-media to her portraits; a combination of digital photo art and a handmade drawing of the portrait. She uses different techniques such as acryl paint, printing and silkscreen. Her free work comprises of series of portraits painted on a printed background consisting of manipulated images from art history, printed media, advertising, texts, pictures and clothing fabrics. With the background of the painting she gives information in an unexpected way.


Nicky about Jole

Jole and I go back many years and she was one of the first participants in Art & Pictures. Her mixed media artworks are so bright & colorful. Jole definitely developed her own distinctive style, how special is that.

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