Arie J. van den Hout | Dutch Nature Photographer

Arie J. van den Hout

Arie J. van den Hout | Dutch Nature Photographer


About Arie

At a young age Arie was already overwhelmed by the unspoiled beauty of nature. Eager to capture this beauty, especially animals, on film he bought his first camera at the age of fifteen. He got better and discovered more and more beautiful places, first in the Netherlands, then also abroad. That led to a first exhibition, a first presentation about photography and the first newspaper article about his work. His gear ánd photographs still get better. Arie shares his knowledge and enthusiasm through workshops, he writes articles about photography and his work is frequently published and exhibited.

Nicky about Arie

“Arie and I grew up in the same area and only recently I discovered he’s a brilliant nature photographer. Through his work he is able to share his intimate encounters with nature. He’s with Art & Pictures since the beginning, so happy to have him on board.”

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