Art & Pictures is an online gallery for interior art, founded May, 2018.

Discover the beauty of mixed media, the art of nature, amazing aerials, artworks, photography, painted portraits, fashion photography and more work by artists from all over the world. Art & Pictures has something for everyone and every budget.

All the art & pictures in our collection have one thing in common, they’re all personal favorites of Nicky, founder of Art & Pictures.

Because of her profound appreciation of Art & Pictures and her ambition to share this love with a broad audience, Nicky Huisman founded this online gallery. Growing up with an art loving mom and visiting museums, galleries and art fairs from a young age on, it was to be expected that she came to work in the cultural sector. During her art studies and many years of working for several famous Dutch museums (Boijmans van Beuningen, Mauritshuis, Singer Laren) she learned even more about (the history of) art and photography.

Her knowledge and appreciation turned into passion, a passion she loves to share. Her expertise and opinion about an artist, art fair or an art related purchase is frequently consulted. Therefore, having her own gallery was a quite logical step. With the unique combination of paintings, mixed media, photography and photobooks she continues to bring a valuable addition to many homes and offices. Whether you are looking for something small, a big statement piece or anything in between, all is possible. Sharp prices, several finishes and tailor made solutions is what Nicky and her team are happy to offer.

Nicky Huisman - van Wuyckhuyse