Andy Luberti | Dutch Nature Photographer

Andy Luberti

Andy luberti | Dutch Nature Photographer


About Andy

Photography has kept Andy Luberti in its grip for quite some time. He visits many different countries to discover the local beauty of nature. The challenge for Luberti is to capture the wide variety of nature in exactly the right balance. The most beautiful lighting conditions give the best results. That often means going out before dawn and staying out until sunset. Every season offers fantastic opportunities for the most diverse colours and light. From the splashing autumn shooting, Sand art or beautiful Dutch flowers, deers, snow or sunrises. His photography does not go unnoticed; this is why Luberti’s work can be seen in agenda’s, books and magazines.

Nicky about

Very fond of Andy’s work. His eye for the bigger picture as well as for detail is phenomenal. Andy’s photo’s are suitable for any interior.