Annejole Jacobs – de Jongh | Dutch Mixed Media Artist

Brigitte Bardot van Annejole Jacobs - de Jongh

Art & Pictures on Tour #2 ~ visiting a happy client together with Annejole Jacobs – de Jongh.

In the picture: Art & Pictures SOLD the artwork of Brigitte Bardot by Annejole (l), Nicky (r).

Together with artist Annejole, we personally delivered this beautiful canvas measuring no less than 1m70 x 1m70 to The Hague. Just as I love to exchange ideas with creatives about their work, their drive and their inspiration, I clearly also love meeting happy customers.

An artwork by Annejole is instantly recognizable, which is of course really cool, that she has developed such a distinctive style. From her picturesque studio in the backyard in Kralingen, Rotterdam, Annejole has been working on a successful career for almost 20 years now, selling and shipping her modern mixed media artworks worldwide.

Annejole often uses themes and series in her free work. And color! Usually she designs a colorful background combined with a portrait in black, white and shades of gray in the foreground. Or the other way around. This is exactly what makes her work so recognizable. And colorful. The themes she applies range from ‘cities’ to ‘women of the world’ and from ‘love couples’ to ‘famous icons’. The canvas in the photo is part of the series “Take your time” in which Annejole chose Brigitte Bardot as an icon for the 60s.

In 2019 Annejole won the TV show ‘Sterren op het doek’ with a portrait of Matthijs van Nieuwkerk. On the one hand, this recognition was a confirmation, a crown on her work. On the other hand, it also took her to the next level. Positive reactions, a lot of attention and many new assignments brought her new energy and inspiration.

Personally, I really like Annejole’s cheerful, pop art-like style. Also it is really nice to discover something new in the background, the closer you look, the more you see. Annejole designs these backgrounds digitally behind her computer. She collects images, statements, brands and people related to the theme she’s working on and creates a collage. Then she paints the portrait or subject in the foreground with acrylic paint and the concept of a mixed media artwork is complete.

Annejole was the very first artist who joined Art & Pictures at the start. Of course we really hope to be able to continue this nice cooperation for a long time to come.

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