Ard Bodewes | Dutch Architectural Photographer

Ard Bodewes

Ard Bodewes | Dutch Architectural Photographer

About Ard

Ard Bodewes is a Dutch Architectural Photographer. He has a great talent for minimalistic compositions, mostly without people so that the building and its lines are optimized and get undivided attention. During his travels Ard regularly comes across architectural treasures that he sometimes captures at different times of the day because the light obviously influences the appearance of the building.

His roots lie in the Netherlands, he studied at the school of photography in Apeldoorn but generally speaking he is a self made photographer. Optimizing his great passion for creativity and detail he reaches out to the viewers attention and tries to draw the viewer into the photo by applying the effect of depth. Abstract lines fascinate him as do geometry, rhythm and colour. His eyes are constantly searching for an unusual angle to catch. Besides winning several prizes he also published in several magazines (architectural and otherwise). Ard will be participating at the Venice Architectural Biennale 2021.

Nicky about Ard

The architectural pictures of Ard are a really nice addition to the collection of Art & Pictures. He has an experienced eye and really knows how to play with lines, shapes, shadows and depth.