Arie J. van den Hout | Dutch Nature Photographer

Arie van den Hout en Nicky Huisman

Art & Pictures on Tour #4 ~ visiting Arie van den Hout

In the Picture: Arie (l), Nicky (r), lovely former forester’s house in the back

What a wonderful privilege to meet the creative people I work with in their own environment.

This time I visit nature photographer Arie van den Hout who currently lives in a lovely former forester’s house, how appropriate. Surrounded by heathland, forest and their wide variety of inhabitants, Arie has everything he loves to capture with his lens within reach.


At a young age he’s already eager to capture the beauty of nature on film. Arie buys his first camera at the age of fifteen, he has been hooked since. Step by step his gear improves, his scope and reach get bigger and his photo’s get better and better. His intimate encounters with animals, especially birds, in their natural habitat captured on camera are highly appreciated by a broad audience, so exhibitions and articles are clearly what follows.


And not only that, Arie shares his love and knowledge through workshops, he writes columns about his personal adventures in nature and he even introduces aspiring wildlife photographers in private sessions in his Canadian canoe to his beloved Biesbosch.


I am grateful to Arie for sharing his stories about the beauty of nature with us and I truly love the personal character of his photos. By being in nature and capturing images at the same time Arie found his true calling, still and always developing as a nature photographer to the core.


Inspired by Arie’s story and interested in buying his work? Please feel free to contact us.