Barbara Houwers | Dutch Abstract Artist

Barbara Houwers (l) en Nicky Huisman (r)

Art & Pictures on Tour #3 ~ visiting Barbara Houwers

In the Picture: painting ‘Serenity’, Barbara (l) and Nicky (r)

When I entered Barbara Houwers spacious studio in Hilversum I was again instantly captivated by the painting ‘Serenity’. Again, because I had seen it before but that was a while ago, I forgot how magical this painting is in real life. The colors, especially the shades of blue are really beautiful and the human figure is somehow so endearing.

Barbara started her career fresh out of art school, the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht, almost thirty years ago. Just imagine how extensive her oeuvre must be. Her artworks can be found in museums, private collections and public buildings around the world.

The theme Barbara works with is consistent: human figures. Often just one, sometimes two or three. Always abstract, as if Barbara doesn’t want to invade their privacy. All kinds of sizes and many paintings come in series, mostly in modest color tones and sometimes Barbara experiments with fresh, bright accents.

Only recently Barbara remembered a ballet performance she visited many years ago which really intrigued her. The principal dancer was put in a box on stage and performed only within that box. This concept settled in her subconscious mind and probably is the basis of her fascination with the human figure, the canvas representing the box.

Personally I think it is very special that Barbara is able to make an artwork that makes people feel connected with the human figures, for any personal reason.

Intrigued? Please don’t hesitate to contact me when you want to experience the magic of Barbara’s work in real life too.