Chris de Bode | Documentary

Chris de Bode

Chris de Bode | Documentary



Chris de Bode is a documentary photographer. Most of his work focuses on humanitarian issues for which he travels all over the world. Chris always tries to find new angles in his work that can visualize the story. People always come first in his work, even if they are not always visible in the image. The people and situations derived from them radiate strength and vulnerability at the same time in his photos. A visual search for connection that invites you to look beyond the stereotype with which we so often fail each other.

Chris works on commission for aid organizations, newspapers and magazines, but also develops his own projects. De Bode works for UNHCR, Aidsfonds, Save the Children, National Geographic, British Red Cross, St Refugee and the Guardian, among others. His work is published all over the world. Chris has won awards at World Press Photo, the Silver Camera, Alfred Fried Award as well as multiple Lens Culture Portrait Awards.


Nicky about Chris: I am very impressed with Chris’ work and the way he manages to create special images in sometimes difficult circumstances, such as with these girls.