Elena Gual | Spanish Artist

Elena Gual

Elena Gual | Spanish Artist

About Elena

Wishing to develop her passion for Art, Elena chose to move from Spain to London, UK in order to be able to attend a more creative course at school. In 2016 she graduated from the “Florence Academy of Art” where she completed a three year degree in academic drawing and painting.

Building on the techniques Elena learned there, she has worked to develop her own style, striving to encompass the basic tenets of academic work and classic painters. She attempts to translate their understanding of anatomy, composition and light using her own approach.

As a self-taught photographer, Elena explores the connection between photography and paintings. She creates paintings from her own photographs, yet there are also instances where she believes that a photograph cannot be improved and should be left as such.

Nicky about Elena

It was love at first sight when I discovered Elena’s work. So powerful and yet so elegant at the same time. Elena enjoyed a classical education and definitely developed her own distinctive style. Truly and rightfully a rising star.

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