Erik Sluijs | Dutch Designer

Erik Sluijs

Erik Sluijs | Dutch Designer


Erik Sluijs: “As a designer I am always looking for coincidence. That starts with the materials. I find it extremely interesting to use shapes, techniques and materials in an ever-changing way, resulting in varying outcomes. That could mean for example frying PVC to make it workable, or casting plaster into a flexible substance and by using its weight finding its own way through a trail of objects. What exactly comes out of that is different every time and I would like to keep it that way.

With my work I have been busy dissecting buildings and forms. From the minimal shape that remained, I made drawing templates inspired by various architectural styles. With those templates I found a new form language. That form language I combined with my endless material experiments and this resulted in the Wall Piece series. All my work is made of elfenbein plaster, which is a type of plaster that is also used for statues and ornaments.”

Erik Sluijs is 26 years old and graduated in June 2021 as a product designer at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. He works from his studio in Utrecht and is mainly concerned with inventing new mold techniques.

Nicky: Erik’s work is innovative and refreshing, a very welcome addition to the collection of Art & Pictures.