Hans Logren | Swedish Drone Photographer

Hans Logren | Drone Photographer

Hans Logren | Swedish Drone Photographer

About Hans

Hans lives and works in Sweden, near Stockholm and has been photographing since he bought his first SLR-camera over 20 years ago; a Nikon film camera with a zoom lens. In 2010 he reached a point in his life where something needed to change. He took a bold decision and started working professionally as a photographer. Hans became a passionate landscape photographer, he loves to play with the endless possibilities of creating abstract compositions with the drone. He travels a lot with his wife and two kids and the drone is always with him.


Nicky about Hans

“When I came across The Swirl it was love at first sight. The funny thing is, that Hans is in that speed boat operating the drone! Luckily he was interested in working together, his aerials are an amazing addition to Art & Pictures.”