Ingeborg Herckenrath | Dutch Contemporary Artist

Art & Pictures on Tour ~ visiting Ingeborg Herckenrath.
In the picture: Painting Wild Flowers III, Ingeborg (r) and Nicky (l)

So nice to personally meet artists in their own environment and to have an inspiring conversation. I love my job and love to share my enthusiasm. The first artist on my Tour is Ingeborg Herckenrath.

Her spacious studio in a sunny backyard in Brabant is full of colorful canvases in large sizes, two characteristics of the work by artist Ingeborg Herckenrath. Since her participation in the TV program ‘Sterren op het doek’ with Eva Jinek, the sales of her work went sky high and all over the world. It also brought her a lot of work as in commissioned portraits ‘like Eva’s’ and she therefore has less time to make free work. However, when I enter her studio there is a brand new work, made the day before: a gigantic Egyptian princess measuring no less than 180cm x 180cm, a subject that had been on her mind  since a visit to the Egyptian museum in Cairo last year. In this work she applied different colors than usual and she tried new techniques to keep challenging herself, because innovation and continuing to develop herself is not only fun but also very important to Ingeborg.

Personally, I really like the elegant lines and often modest glance in Ingeborg’s portraits,  in combination with the rich expressive, sometimes even explosive use of color and the big sizes of the canvases. There even seems to be movement in her work, it is very dynamic. I can watch it endlessly. I am a fan. You just need to have space for it, most artworks are really big. Fortunately Art & Pictures also has available Fine Art Prints in an edition of 10 and in slightly more common sizes. Still very ‘impressive’, trust me.

When she has an idea, Ingeborg often finishes a painting in one day. Layer upon layer, creating a beautiful depth, sometimes supplemented with texts or clippings, other times times she applies precision work that she then paints over again, creating beautiful faded patterns. The result is a carefully worked out plan in which she plays cleverly with color, technique and last but not least.. emotion.

Art & Pictures added the beautiful work Wild Flowers III to the collection; acrylic on canvas – 80cm X 150cm fort he special price of €2.450,-. Don’t wait too long when interested and please feel free to contact us for information or inspiration.