Ingrid van der Meer | Dutch Artist

Digital Photo Artist Ingrid van der Meer

Ingrid van der Meer | Dutch Digital photo Artist

Ingrid van der Meer is a Dutch passionate digital mixed media artist. Her work is a mix of several images, which she combines on the computer to create a new artwork. Her grungy portraits of women are a mix of several layers, for example old walls, torn posters and other textures that appeal to her. After printing the digital part she starts painting over it and put several layers of heavy gel medium over it. Often her work arises spontaneously during the process.
Ingrid’s work is also characterized by blending two or more different pictures smoothly into each other, in which way she creates a surprising new image, by using a mix of human portraits, nature and architecture.


Nicky about Ingrid

What a beautiful addition to the collection of Art & Pictures. Ingrid has such a brilliant eye for composition, colors and structures. Love her work!