Karlien Hamel – Kuperus | Dutch Modern Artist

Karlien Art

Karlien Hamel – Kuperus | Dutch modern & figurative Artist

About Karlien

Amsterdam life, the art academy and the city buzz were the start of Karlien’s career in visual arts. Her studio is like a laboratory of images, where she works every day with energy and passion. She loves to experiment with all kinds of materials and mixes her acrylic paint with energy and playful jeu. Karlien gives Burgundian scenes a modern, fresh coat and there’s always a touch of humor to be found in her work. She translates the images that pop up in her head on to the linen, pure and intuitive. That is her strength and is characteristic for her work.


Nicky about Karlien

Karlien’s work is so vibrant & cheerful, like the artist herself. Since we met I feel a really nice connection with her. It’s a great pleasure to know and work with Karlien.