Loui Jover | Australian Drawing Artist

Loui Jover

Loui Jover | Australian Drawing Artist

About Loui

Loui is from Queensland, Australia and he is a self-represented full time artist. He primarily likes to work with ink on paper, but is also versed with oils and acrylics and enjoys making and using collage. Loui has drawn since childhood and as other children stop at some point, he never did. He draws every single day filling books with ideas, cartoons and drawings. So his drawing abilities seem to have developed in natural progression giving him the ability to freely use a number of distinct styles and approaches. Loui studied commercial and graphic art and holds an advanced certificate in visual communication.


Nicky about Loui

Loui’s drawings are so cool and his work is so comprehensive and diverse, it’s almost too hard to believe all this creativity comes from one and the same person.