Maaike Verdurmen | Dutch Stylist


Maaike Verdurmen | Dutch Stylist

About Maaike

Maaike is a (photo) stylist and makes beautiful images for fashion series for a variety of magazines and clients. She’s also a teacher of photo-styling and trend forecast at a fashion academy in Amsterdam. Maaike has a true passion for photography and for quite some time she’s an admirer of the work of American photographer Steve McCurry and German photographer Mario Gerth. Both McCurry and Gerth make beautiful, intimate and impressive portraits. Maaike has had converted 2 colourful portraits by McCurry and 2 black & white portraits by Gerth into a fine woven fabric, stretched on a wooden frame.

Nicky about Maaike

When I first saw the product Maaike had made of famous photographs by Steve McCurry and later also of portraits by Mario Gerth I was immediately smitten with the warm colourful woven fabric. Brilliant & beautiful in any home.