Madelon Dielen | Drone photographer

Madelon Dielen | Drone Fotograaf

Madelon Dielen | Drone Photographer


Year after year, photographer & drone pilot Madelon Dielen searches intensively for places in nature that show a striking contrast. These can be colors, shapes, lines or patterns. The purity, tranquility and beauty of the Arctic captured her heart more than a decade ago. Madelon heads north as often as possible to roam wide, volcanic landscapes with only a camera, a drone and a tent; looking for special and unique places. She then lives for weeks in a tent or from the back of a car. Alone in desolate volcanic steppe and whimsical mountain landscapes and waiting for the right conditions and the right light. The surprising and abstract image she tries to create by photographing and filming from a high perspective has captivated her since 2019.

Madelon hopes to amaze people with her work and also to make them aware of the unprecedented beauty and vulnerability of our nature.

After her studies at the Photo Academy and the Fotovakschool in Amsterdam, and her specialization in reportage and documentary photography, Madelon soon started teaching and has now been running her own photography school in Hoorn for more than 15 years. She shares her knowledge of – and passion for – photography with both novice and professional photographers. Every year she organizes and supervises dozens of courses, workshops, master classes and photo tours to countries such as Iceland, Norway and Scotland and to photogenic cities such as New York, London or Venice. In addition, she gives lectures at photo associations, schools and companies, she organizes company courses and team building days and she takes photographs mainly on behalf of the business sector and a number of magazines.