Melle van Gemerden | Dutch Visual Artist

Melle van Gemerden

Melle van Gemerden | Dutch Visual Artist


About melle

Melle van Gemerden (Amsterdam, 1979) is a multimedia visual artist. His artistic development is influenced by the Dutch architectural style of De Stijl and Berlage, present in his formative years. Also by the essential vibrancy of the Color Field movement, the energy and audacity to seek new mediums from the Pop Art movement and the minimalist style of the Modern Abstract movement in sculpture.

Van Gemerden’s artistic work is about the suspension of time, sitting on the sidelines. Not as a mere spectator, but as an active part of the game and anticipating for action. Former ATP tennis professional Van Gemerden has toured globally for two decades, with appearances in a Davis Cup and all Grand Slams.

In his artworks Van Gemerden shows an on-going memoir of the geometric landscape – the tennis court – as a huge part of his daily routine. Since 2018, he expresses the subtle cultural, atmospheric differences of each ‘landscape’ in ‘digital paintings’ – inspired by the colorful art of David Hockney.

‘Each tennis court landscape appears to be the same; but each is unique in itself.’


Currently Van Gemerden is expanding his practice on to other mediums. His artworks are part of various private art collections around the globe and he accepts commissions to frame the collector’s most cherished tennis court.


Nicky About

The vibrant colorful tenniscourts by Melle are so cheerful, his work really makes me smile. And love it: from being a professional tennis player to being an artist of tennis courts. Such a nice unique story.