Michel Poort | Artist Heartbeats

Michel Poort

Michel Poort | Artist HeartBeats

Michel Poort (1960) can be found in his studio for about sixty hours a week. Here he makes his hearts with all kinds of materials; wood, metal, clay, paper, resin, wax. Images, which are then photographed and printed on metal and find their way to enthusiasts around the world.

Michel: “I am – literally and figuratively – a heartmaker, who wants to make the world beat again.”

Michel reached a low point in 2015. He lost his love, his money and his passion for art. Or as he describes it himself, ‘he was done with life’. A chance encounter in the jungle in Bali changed everything. After months of self-examination, he returns home with only one heart’s desire: to make the world beat again. Since then, Michel has devoted his art to the heart, a passion in a multitude of colours, materials and dimensions. He puts it this way:

“I’m not saying I gave my life to art – I prefer to say that the heart has given me back my life.”

Michel Poort was born in Hilversum and after graduating from secondary school he studied for a few years at the Artibus in Utrecht and later at the Ruud Wacker Academy. Poort works in Utrecht and his hearts are beating all over the world.


Nicky about Michel: It is a great privilege to be able to work with Michel, a rare inspired and passionate man and artist.