Bigoudi Party #3 | Nicolas Bets

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Dress your wall with the image you love by choosing this really cool picture bigoudi Party #3 by Nicolas Bets.


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About the photographer

Fashion photographer and master of staged photography Nicolas Bets is truly a rising star.

Bets was born in Belgium and moved to Paris at the age of seventeen. Bets had the ambition to become an artistic photographer, just like his mother. When Nicolas moved to Paris in the 90s he first started working as an assistant for photographers Jean-Daniel Lorieux and
Clara Wickrath. During the seven years Bets worked with these famous photographers he learned many skills, especially the
ones regarding staged fashion photography and the amazing combination of extreme timing, profound details and humor.

Nicolas Bets has the special gift of telling stories through his pictures, maybe this is due to the fact that he also works as a
movie director for big advertising campaigns. Bets particularly loves compositions with people in a movie-ish mood into which
he mixes fun with aestheticism.

Nowadays Nicolas Bets succesfully creates NFT’s, works for the fashion industry and in advertising, producing
spectacular pictures of products and brands. Bets works as fashion and/or advertising photographer
for Kenzo, Nissan, Lacoste, Puma, Ing, Merrel, Desigual, Bob Sinclar, Yamamay, Wad magazine, Vanity Fair, Photo, Code
d’accès, Rosebuzz and Tecknicart.


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Bigoudi Party #3 by Nicolas Bets