Chibcha Girl | Emilie Houben


Emilie Houben’s work is a Limited Edition of 13 and is available in various sizes and finishes.

We offer here the maximum size and the most chosen finishes.

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Decorate your wall with something special such as this amazing work Chibcha Girl by Art Photographer Emilie Houben.

Emilie: “Chibcha is a Colombian tribe, the model is half Colombian and half Dutch. Her tribe was originally called ‘CHIBCHA’, therefore the title CHIBCHA GIRL. I only use natural light, no studio effect, and the model doesn’t wear special make up. I bought the feathers on the market and on the spot I think of which ‘props’ I can use. Taking a photo of the model is not my main goal. I like to show the creativity in a photo.  I hope to inspire people to create beautiful creative images without extra lighting, studio or styling. “What you see is what you get”. See the beauty in your surroundings but also in yourself. Herewith I would like to give a message or an inspiring title.


Emilie Houben’s work is a Limited Edition of 13 and is available in various sizes and finishes.

We here offer the maximum size and the most chosen finishes.

Feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities.

70cm x 50cm Fine Art Print on dibond € 895 and with frame € 1095

70cm x 50cm Photo print on acrylic glass € 1000

90cm x 60cm Fine Art Print on dibond € 1000 and with frame € 1295

90cm x 60cm Photo print on acrylic glass € 1295


‘Find beauty in everything’

Emilie Houben is an Art Photographer with a special talent for finding beauty in the everyday. Many people ignore details such as a light, a car track in the sand or an old wall. With her sharp eye for detail, her creativity and her passion, she is able to convey this in a special way. Different colors, structures and shapes, almost anything can inspire Emilie to capture an image that takes the viewer on a journey to highlight unnoticed beauty. That is also the message she wants to give: look around you. Consciously experience your surroundings. See the ‘beauty’ in the area but also in yourself. Her unique works of art appeal to many people’s imagination.

She works with natural light and does not edit her photos. Emilie wants to touch people with her photography. Her work hangs in international companies, hotels, organizations and private collections. In addition, she also photographs documentary work for various charities. All artworks by Emilie Houben contain unique elements and are released in limited edition.



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Chibcha Girl