Create, Heal, Connect & Smile | Nathalie Tappin


This is an original artwork | 120cm x 80cm | Mixed Media on canvas: old magazines, paper, acrylic paint, full metal paint, fineliners | € 1,450

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Decorate your wall with something really special such as Create, Heal, Connect & Smile from Nathalie Tappin



This is an original artwork | 120cm x 80cm | Mixed Media on canvas: old magazines, paper, acrylic paint, full metal paint, fineliners | € 1,450





Meet Nathalie Ayesha Tappin, a versatile creative talent originally from Barbados but raised in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, where her mother ran an art gallery. Her early exposure to the art world fueled her passion for creativity.

Nathalie’s educational journey led her through studying Creative Communications in Rotterdam, a short period at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and a Graphic Design course at MK24, also in Amsterdam.

Her career took her into the advertising industry, but her true ambition was always to become a full-time artist. She diligently pursues this dream and cultivates her signature style and artistic language.

Nathalie’s art spans various media including acrylic, watercolour, markers, pencils and unconventional materials such as old magazines and worn jeans. She finds inspiration everywhere, from the most unexpected sources, and colors are a central element in her creative process.

The iconic faces in her artwork have been with her since childhood and serve as symbolic figures that flow effortlessly from her imagination. Sometimes she combines these characters with thought-provoking text. In doing so, she offers viewers a stimulating challenge with concise, impactful statements that resonate with her own experiences and emotions. Her creations are a true reflection of her inner world, often surprising even herself and acting as windows to her subconscious.

Nathalie describes her work as colorful, playful and authentic and operates intuitively, seeing herself as an observer in the artistic process. Although her pieces seem chaotic, they are creatively organized. She likes to use vibrant colors to convey her positive energy while revealing deeper layers of herself. This duality invites viewers to interpret and connect with her art in their own unique way, encouraging them to unleash their imaginations.



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Create, Heal, Connect & Smile | Nathalie Tappin