Feeling my emotion | Anick de Rouw


This is a Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle paper framed in a black frame with glass or in a black metal floating frame | Editie of 20 | 80cm x 60cm

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Decorate your wall with something special such as this amazing work ‘ Feeling my emotion’ by Anick de Rouw.


This is a Fine Art Print on Hahnemuhle paper framed in a black frame with glass or in a black metal floating frame | Editie of 20 | 80cm x 60cm


The female portrait Feeling my emotion is a work where the emotion splashes off the paper. The emotion it evokes for you as a viewer will be different for everyone. That is why the title gives nothing away about what that emotion is. As maker, I see a woman who is sensual but powerful and I also see a certain pain in her. It also depends on how I feel at the moment when I look at it. That colours the interpretation. Just that realisation is beautiful, it can be anything and you as a viewer can also fill it in completely.
The original was made with acrylic ink and a crackle paste painted on 600g hahnemuhle paper.



Anick de Rouw puts women in the spotlight with her portraits of women. All portraits she makes are really intended as an ode to women in all her forms. You could say these portraits also reflect her own personal journey. It reflects the search for her own femininity and sensuality and especially what these concepts mean to her.

The idea of ​​’the perfect picture’ and having to live up to that as a woman has been an unconscious guideline for a long time. This also includes the feeling that you are only seen and appreciated as a woman, when you look a certain way became more and more clear. Self-examination has led to much more awareness, which has led to a much broader view of beauty. Being beautiful can mean being sexy and beautiful, but also being wild, imperfect

and everything in between. Slim, full, big, small… As long as we take good care of ourselves and loving who you are.

Anick mainly uses acrylic ink for her portraits that reflect the love for earthly

color tones. In addition, she sometimes uses bright colors to create a nice contrast with the earth tones that often is the basis of the portrait. For this contrast she uses acrylic paint, sometimes acrylic ink or a crackle paste.

The technique she uses is one she has developed over the years. Anick works with a lot of water and with small amounts of ink to create layers, or as she often calls it: stains, which she also partly wipes away with paper napkin. She sets the edges of the ‘stains’ with undiluted ink, which creates nice, ragged edges. It really is a matter of building up layers to create shadows, but also by continuously adding water and removing it with paper towel, you get beautiful color tones. These are always true gifts that cannot be planned but make the work come alive.


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Feeling my emotion | Anick de Rouw