Immigrant | Laura Notari


This is an original artwork | Immigrant | Mixed Media on canvas | 200cm x 100cm | € 750 (can be framed)

This artwork is part of an exhibition in Amsterdam. Please contact us if you want to see this artwork in person and discuss possibilities.


Decorate your wall with colorful art by choosing this very special painting Immigrant by artist Laura Notari.


This is an original artwork | Immigrant | Mixed Media on canvas | 200cm x 100cm | € 750 (can be framed)

This artwork is part of an exhibition in Amsterdam. Please contact us if you want to see this artwork in person and discuss possibilities.


This is the text on the artwork:

Never tell an immigrant that they were lucky because they did well… Luck? Luck is the lottery. Good luck that God takes care of your health. The rest is having balls. The rest is seeing the crisis coming and seeing your future cut short and wanting something better. It’s putting together the plan, executing it, thinking about it, saving, finding a way around it. It’s arriving in your chosen country, your new homeland, and realizing that no one knows you and that no one cares who the hell you were, but who you are. Let’s see, prove it. It’s insulting to tell someone that they did well because they were “lucky.” Luck is made. You handle it. You work at anything and you progress, which is what normally happens in a normal country. After many years you raise your head, start seriously. You fulfils your dreams by putting your back and your head into it. To know how to fit in, to make friends, to be able to learn the language and the culture. To train, to study, to approve qualifications, to continue training, to sacrifice… Good luck? Luck? No, my dear. That’s not luck. That is determination and courage. That’s gritting your teeth about not having family around, it’s missing out on many family events in your home country. But it is also choosing to escape from “destiny.” Get rid of parental/family mandates that you have to do A, B or Z. You have to have guts. You have to have mental clarity and strength of spirit. It is being able to say “I’m sorry you don’t agree but I’m going to lead my destiny.” Emigrating is not for everyone. It takes a certain madness, a certain attachment to adventure and courage to face the unknown. Hunger to learn and know. Saying “you’re doing well because you were lucky” to someone is rude. It is wanting to lower the price of your effort. It’s dripping with envy. Immigrants pay a dear price for “luck.” With blood, sweat and tears. And we would do it again a thousand times. The immigrant has an indomitable spirit. Is like the child of ships. And the ships are safe in ports. But ships weren’t built for that. They were built to spread the sails and take to the sea. Sailors are made in storms. Luckily, very little. Of courage, courage and effort, a lot…


About the artist

Laura Notari is an abstract artist, a certified accountant, and mother of Josephine. She studied Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague and during her entire life, she studied with several renowned painters and artists. Laura is engaged in painting, drawing, glasswork, ceramics, and sculpture during her career. She attempts to understand the world through many artistic expressions. Being an artist Laura has a solid awareness of aesthetic taste and experience with diligence hard-work and attention to detail. Laura is free and intuitive in painting and she acknowledges that art can change the way we think.

Laura was born and raised in Argentina and currently she is living in The Netherlands. From an early age, she showed a natural artistic talent and continued to fulfill her creative passion. She paints to express herself but it’s also important to her to create something pleasing to the eye. Laura loves working with acrylics and inks adding different textures like papers, fabrics, recycled plastic and wood. These elements are inspired on and revealing the expressiveness of nature, light, texture, and colours that have a very vibrant vibe. Laura Notari works out of her studio in Blaricum, The Netherlands, and teaches and encourages people to get involved in this wonderful world being a artist is.



Nicky about: I love color so naturally I find Laura’s expressive colorful work really cool. For her it is natural to work with color, being from Argentina. Most people are a bit careful with that, I think it is really bold to use art to color your home.



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Immigrant |  Laura Notari