Scottish Highlander, Vlieland


Our prices depend on the size and the finish you select below.

This picture is available in 3 sizes and 2 finishes

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Decorate your wall with the image you love by choosing this really cool picture of a Scottish Highlander on Vlieland from our category AWESOME ANIMALS.


Our prices depend on the size and the finish you select below. This picture is available in 3 sizes and 2 finishes. 

Select the size and the finish you love and the price becomes visible. Other wishes? Please contact us.


About the photographer

Menno Schaefer is a Dutch photographer who also works as technical service staff at the Telegraaf. As a photographer, he loves to be outdoors in nature, in good weather or in bad. Schaefer is an all-round photographer, but birds and mammals have his main interest. It is very important to him to take the pictures of the wild animals in their natural habitat. He also does other subjects of photography, like landscapes, autosport and portraits. Art & Pictures mostly fell in love with the wideness of his landscapes. Schaefer became interested in photography a long time ago, when his mother bought the first digital camera he immediately knew that’s what he wanted too. Since the first day he bought a camera, he is hooked.


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Scottish Highlander, Vlieland