Susan shy | Documentary


Chris de Bode’s work is available in various sizes and finishes.

We here offer the most popular formats and finishes.

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NB Read Susan’s story in the captions under Chris’ photos.


Decorate your wall with something special such as this work Susan shy by documentary photographer Chris de Bode.


Susan with blue headscarf: 14 years

“We are very close. We have all been through something similar and that creates a bond. We have become friends for life. We understand each other without having to explain anything. Sometimes we talk about our experiences. And we talk about the people who were taken or who were murdered. That’s how we keep the memories alive.”


Stella with yellow headscarf: 13 years old

“I don’t want to talk about it. I can only tell you that I am safe here now with my parents, brothers and sister. How I got here or what happened to me, I prefer to keep to myself. It still hurts too much to talk about it.”


Mairo with checkered headscarf: 11 years old

“Our village was so peaceful. There were many parties, I went to school and had friends. The day started out so normally: I went to school and did my best in class. At first I thought they were just soldiers. Until they started to shoot. They shot all the men in the mosque and shouted Islamic verses. They stayed in our village for a year. No one was safe. I couldn’t go to school anymore because it was immediately closed.

One day all the women and girls were herded into the school. Girls aged 7 to women aged 70. We were tied up and beaten. We got no food or water. They beat us and threatened to kill us. Married women ignored them. Unmarried women or young widows were judged one by one and forced to marry one of the soldiers. If you were married, you were supposed to have sex with your new husband. They said they would take us to Chibok. That shocked me, because I had heard about the schoolgirls who had disappeared there. That night I climbed out the window with 20 other girls. It was a big risk, because if you were caught you were killed immediately. I had no choice… I didn’t want to end up like one of the Chibok girls.”


Chris de Bode’s work is available in various sizes and finishes.

We here offer the most popular formats and finishes.

Feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities.


50cm x 50cm Fine Art Print on dibond € 750 and with frame € 950

50cm x 50cm Photo print on acrylic glass € 900

70cm x 70cm Fine Art Print on dibond € 850 and with frame € 1150

70cm x 70cm Photo print on acrylic glass € 1100

100cm x 100cm Fine Art Print on dibond € 1150 and with frame € 1675

100cm x 100cm Photo print behind acrylic glass € 1500



Chris de Bode is a documentary photographer. Most of his work focuses on humanitarian issues for which he travels all over the world. Chris always tries to find new angles in his work that can visualize the story. People always come first in his work, even if they are not always visible in the image. The people and situations derived from them radiate strength and vulnerability at the same time in his photos. A visual search for connection that invites you to look beyond the stereotype with which we so often fail each other.

Chris works on commission for aid organizations, newspapers and magazines, but also develops his own projects. De Bode works for UNHCR, Aidsfonds, Save the Children, National Geographic, British Red Cross, St Refugee and the Guardian, among others. His work is published all over the world. Chris has won awards at World Press Photo, the Silver Camera, Alfred Fried Award as well as multiple Lens Culture Portrait Awards.



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Susan shy