Portrait of a Tibetan woman | Steve McCurry


This portrait by Steve McCurry is converted into a colorful fine woven fabric stretched on a wooden frame.

Available in 3 sizes & 3 prices.

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Dress your wall with the image you love by choosing this beautiful portrait of a Tibetan woman by Steve McCurry.


This woven portrait is available in 3 sizes.

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About the photographer

Steve McCurry has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world to his name. His portrait in 1984 of Sharbat Gula, better known as “the Afghan girl” which appeared on the cover of the National Geographic, made him world famous.

In these Tibetan portraits Steve McCurry was able to capture the essence of these beautiful, friendly people as well as their cultural heritage. These photo’s have been converted into a colorful fine woven fabric, stretched on an wooden frame.
The woven finish emphasizes the folkloric wealth of the clothing, jewelry and accessories and the colors are even more warm and intense.


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Portrait of a Tibetan woman by Steve McCurry