Santiago Borja | The Stormpilot | Ecuadorian Photographer

Santiago Borja, The Stormpilot

Santiago Borja | The Stormpilot | Ecuadorian Photographer

About Santiago

Born, raised and living in Quito, Ecuador, Santiago Borja is a pilot for a major airline in the region. He has been flying long haul between the Americas and Europe for years now, and for many of those years, Santiago has developed a true passion for photography and the nature surrounding our planet. In 2015, he learned photography purely by self studying. Santiago then begun to specialize on weather & storms, started winning awards and published a book.

Nicky about Santiago

Through Santiago’s book I fell in love with his amazing pictures of sky’s, clouds and storms. I decided to be bold and sent Santiago an invitation to work together. I’m really proud of this special long-distance collaboration.