Sime Eskinja | Croatian Fashion Photographer

Sime Eskinja

Sime Eskinja | Croatian Fashion Photographer

About Sime

Fashion photographer Sime, currently living in Paris, France, was born in Croatia. After his study at architecture school he discovered photography when working as a model. Sime has since developed into a successful fashion photographer and participated in many exhibitions. His brilliant photography is extremely sensual but sophisticated. Numerous black & white photographs have been published in fashion magazines and he has participated in major advertising campaigns. Through exclusive use of black & white, using perfectly mastered natural light, his photographs reveal the beauty of the models.


Nicky about Sime

The beautiful & lovely model Tanja introduced me to Sime and his black & white fashion photography. His work is so cool. ‘Take me to Church’ is one of my favourites, a bit mysterious and so elegant, significant for Sime’s photography.