Ingeborg Herckenrath | Dutch Contemporary Artist

Ingeborg Herckenrath

Ingeborg Herckenrath | Dutch Contemporary Artist

About Ingeborg

Ingeborg Herckenarth (born 1970) is a contemporary artist with a graphic background. Ingeborg uses clear colors of paint with her own painting technique with which she makes artistic works of art. Aesthetics and beauty are central here. In addition to the brushes, she also uses other tools and materials to process the paint. The enrichment of colors are not limited by the areas of the forms. This creates a strong visual dynamic image. Ingeborg likes to paint on large sizes up to, for example, 200 cm x 200 cm.
The prestigious Saatchi-Art (USA) has featured Ingeborg as “Artist To Watch” and put her work on the front page. She is successfully represented by galleries in the Netherlands and abroad. Her paintings are in the possession of collectors in the USA, Australia, France, Norway, UK, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Artist Statement

I have a great passion for color, design and artistic designs. Already at young age I had the urge to express myself creatively. I like to work intuitively and I like to experiment. First, I make a plan and composition, then I let the paint take its course. Each work therefore receives a unique implementation of technology, but always in harmony with what it must radiate. In combination with my preparatory work, this gives spontaneity on the one hand and accuracy on the other. In my large portraits I leave out recognizable lines so that only color and shape remains. This creates large abstract parts. As a whole I look for positive emotion and energy that touches me. The large size of my paintings provides a strong expressiveness in the spaces where they hang. Traveling, people, nature and other cultures inspire me. I also include this in my abstract works. Variety of people and nature give me daily inspiration and drive to shape this in my studio. Ideas keep bubbling in my head and I constantly feel the need to develop them.


Nicky about Ingeborg

When I discovered Ingeborg’s work I was very impressed, it is amazing how her work is both intimate and powerful, the size of her canvases even emphasizes those aspects. Proud to have this talented artist in my collection.

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