Marie-Claire Greve | Dutch Fine Art Photographer

Marie-Claire Greve

Marie-Claire Greve | Dutch Fine Art Photographer

About Marie-Claire

Marie-Claire turned to photography in 2013 in order to share her passion for nature and wildlife. She took her photography to a next level by studying the camera and soon felt completely at ease using and playing with the camera to capture nature the way she experienced it. Marie-Claire uses her photographs to tell the story she wants to share and herewith fulfil her personal desire to commit herself to the preservation of nature. ‘My personal preference is to work with anything that moves; wind, water, wildlife. And with soft magical light that creates the pastel tones I am looking for.’

Nicky about Marie-Claire

When Marie-Claire and I started working together I was already an admirer of her work, as if nature poses especially for her. I’m so proud to have her work in my gallery, she’s truly a rising star with a mission.