Nicolas Bets | French Fashion Photographer

Nicolas Bets

Nicolas Bets | French Fashion Photographer

About Nicolas

Fashion photographer Nicolas works and lives in Paris. He was born in Belgium and moved to Paris at the age of seventeen with the ambition to become an artistic photographer, just like his mother. He worked with several famous photographers and learned many skills, especially the ones regarding staged fashion photography and the amazing combination of extreme timing, profound details and humour. Each of his photographs is an invitation to lightness, an ode to colours and show a true mastery of photography sessions: from the studios to the desert, from the swimming pool to the interiors, Nicolas’ playground has no borders.


Nicky about Nicolas

The first thing I noticed in Nicolas’ photography is the fun factor. The Au Maroc series however is just… magical. He knows exactly how to get that unexpected and offbeat angle in his work. It’s a privilege to work with Nicolas.

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