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Walk in the Garden | Human Figures


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Decorate your wall with art and choose this beautiful original painting ‘Walk in the Garden’ from our category Human Figures by Barbara Houwers.


This painting is an original | 90 cm X 90 cm | acrylics on linen | ‘Walk n the Garden’ | Human Figures by Barbara Houwers

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About the artist

Barbara Houwers is a successful Dutch artist for over 25 years. She became known for her paintings of human figures, mostly painted in subdued earth tones. The human figure dominates Barbara Houwers’ oeuvre. This was already the case in her early autonomous works when she debuted in the early 1990s after her training at the HKU Academy. In her paintings from that period we see mainly stylised and isolated human figures. By combining the human figure with forms and colours, a life-story evolves in which emotions and experiences from that life are being expressed.

Throughout the 1990s this theme was developed further by adding more human figures to the composition, thereby creating a sense of connection and communication amongst the figures. These works evoke a strong sense of recognition with the viewer. Houwers’ technique widened from traditional painting to a more experimental use of her material. More recently three- dimensional works have been created as well as objects designed by 3Dprint technology. This seem a significant breach of style but, as is the case with many artists, this is actually a logical development of Houwers’ basic forms. Barbara’s works can be found both in private and corporate collections and public buildings.




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Walk in the Garden | Human Figures by Barbara Houwers

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